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The Fifth National Conference on Geographical Names

National Cartographic Center (NCC) of Iran, as Head of Iranian Committee on Standardization of Geographical Names (ICSGN), intends to hold the Fifth National Conference on Geographical Names  on April 23, 2012.

The Conference topics:

· Geographical names and geographical identity

· Historical aspects of geographical names

· The political, economical, social, and cultural functions of geographical names

· The roles of geographical names in the territorial sovereignty, defense and security

· The opportunities and challenges of geographical names dissemination via news media and virtual spaces.

· Standardization of geographical names  collection, registration and pronunciation (advanced methods and technologies)

· Public benefits of geographical names standardization  (in tourism, navigation, transportation, commerce, census, environmental management, disaster relief, and mailing services . . .)

· Linguistics of geographical names

· Persian Gulf ( the juridical mechanisms in legitimacy of this geographical  name and the strategies in dealing with the challenge of faked names)

· Geographical names databases and gazetteers

· Geo-names and Geomatics (Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Cadastre, Cartography, . . .)

· Geo-names and Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

· Training and research in the field of geographical names

This conference will be held with the attendance of Iranian academics and researchers.

More Information is accessible via the Persian website.
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