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Title : Chenge the Venue of Geomatics Conference
News Code : ۲۴۳  :  :  Date : 2/18/2012
Time : 9:37:51

The Second International Conference and Exhibition on Mapping and Spatial Information (Geomatics, 2012) and the 19th National Geomatics Conference will be held at Shahid Beheshti University on May 8-10, 2012.
Since the commencement of holding Geomatics Conference by National Cartographic Center, this is the first time that the location of this scientific event has been changed, due to the international level of the Geomatics Conference (2012), invitation of international companies, keynote speakers and guests.
The vast exhibition space and the numerous conference halls of Shahid Beheshti Conference Center will provide adequate and appropriate facilities for visitors of Geomatics Conference (2012).
Shahid Beheshti Conference Venue is at the center of this university in Velenjak neighborhood, in the north of Tehran.

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